Wolves force California ranchers into deadly compromises

From SFGate.com in California:

It’s night in the rugged hills of northeastern California. A herd of cows, many with young calves at their sides, begin shifting nervously. The October winds have brought news of danger nearby: A lone gray wolf, eyes glowing yellow in the moonlight. Known as OR-103, the young male has gone days, perhaps weeks, without a kill. And he’s hungry.

If you’ve never seen a gray wolf up close, you may be imagining a husky or a large coyote. Instead, think of a mastiff. Males weigh up to 150 pounds, with paw prints the size of human hands and fangs as long as your thumbs. Most American wolves prefer deer and elk, but OR-103 has a crippled front paw, and no way to catch such lightning-quick prey.

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