Wolf Fencing Team Belgium: a catalyst for peaceful coexistence with wolves

From European Commission:

In 2018, wolves returned to Belgium. In the region of Flanders, the first (and still only) wolf pack has a territory of about 300 km², encompassing two large Natura 2000 sites at its core: ‘Mangelbeek en heide- en vengebieden tussen Houthalen en Gruitrode’, and ‘Vallei- en brongebied van de Zwarte Beek, Bolisserbeek en Dommel met heide en vengebieden’.

The high number of non-professional pet livestock owners in the area creates a particular risk of wolf attacks. Initial unrest and tensions escalated into major protests against the presence of wolves in the region. Public support for wolves and, by extension, for Natura 2000 and European nature restoration efforts in general, was at risk.


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