STUDENT SCIENCE: An Introduction to California’s New Wolf Packs, and Some Thoughts About Whether Future Packs Might Find Their Way to Humboldt


Hooo-oowl! It’s the sound that the people of Northern California are hearing from their forests again.

The gray wolf is a species that was once native to the entire continent of North America. Its population was decimated from its conflict with human livestock and game management. While we don’t know much about the expiration of wolves in California, we can assume that it runs along the same vein as the California Grizzly. The original wolves of California were persecuted throughout the 17th and 19th centuries, when California had a mass influx of settlers looking to strike it rich during the California Gold Rush. With the influx of people, we needed more food to feed them all. As such the wolves of California were most likely killed to keep numbers of elk and deer high. Alas, because of this killing, for many years we, the State of California, did not have any wolves that called our state home until 2011.

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