ODFW Authorizes lethal removal of Keating Pack Wolves, confirms 2 further depredations

From Elkhorn Media Group:

BAKER AND WALLOWA COUNTIES – Following recent depredations, ODFW have authorized the lethal removal of two wolves from the Keating Pack located in Baker County and have issued the following release:

“ODFW has authorized lethal removal of up to two wolves from the chronically depredating Keating Pack in Baker County. A producer requested lethal removal after four confirmed depredation events in the AKWA in October, including three separate events confirmed on Oct. 15. The authorization allows removal by USDA Wildlife Services and the producer or their agent through a limited duration permit on private land pastures where their livestock are present. The authorization is valid until Dec. 31, 2023, while livestock are present or until two wolves are removed, whichever comes first. The producer impacted by recent wolf depredations has been using guardian animals (dogs and donkeys), fencing, regular human presence, and fox lights to reduce conflict. The Keating Pack is currently estimated to include at least 6 wolves (including at least 3 juveniles). All Wolf Plan rules regarding lethal removal are in effect for this authorization and permit, including that ODFW did not identify any wolf attractants on the property. Another update about the authorization will be posted if the two wolves are removed, after Dec. 31 if less than two wolves are removed, or the authorization is extended.”


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