Idaho wolf control board reports killing 110 wolves in 2020 over depredation concerns, plus putting radio collars on 3


Idaho’s Wolf Depredation Control Board, which is funded by a mix of taxpayer funds, Fish & Game fee proceeds and livestock industry assessments, paid for killing 93 wolves in fiscal year 2020 for the protection of livestock, and another 17 to protect elk in the Lolo Elk Management Zone, the board reported to lawmakers today.

“Wildlife Services conducted 205 depredation investigations related to wolf complaints during fiscal year 2020,” Brian Oakey, deputy director of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, told the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee at the board’s annual budget hearing. Those investigations involved 111 different livestock producers in 16 counties, he said. They documented 102 confirmed depredations, or attacks on livestock by wolves; 28 probable; 53 possible or unknown; and “23 complaints were determined to be causes other than wolves,” Oakey said.

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