Much more relaxed greeting only minimal aggression observed between Lucas and Shadow. MacKenzie and Lakota received good attention from staff today. Lakota initiated play and MacKenzie joined in for a short bit. Less attention on the main pack between the fences."

When using holding pens to feed vitamins, Shadow was very reluctant to leave and had to be drawn out by the use of meatballs. Lucas had been startled by the gate when going into the holding pen last week and had been reluctant to go through them until today, when he entered willingly several times.

Lucas is doing well. The warmer weather last week seemed to put a spring in his step. He's the most frequent user of the den box, so regardless of the weather, he's always content.

Lucas is the wolf that seems to truly enjoy the comforts of a denbox. He's often seen curled up in the warm bed of straw provided by staff. He still comes out to greet, but as soon as staff are finished in the enclosure, it's back to the boxes for him. The depth of snow in the pen has made for a great wind block and the mid-day sun shining on his face seems to be an added bonus.

Board Member Nancy Gibson and Dave Mech were in town for a Board Meeting today, their log reads "Peed on by all except Lucas" In the wolf world, that means happy to see you again.

When Shadow came out of the holding pen, Lucas extended his hackles and growled and intently stared at Shadow, but did not physically dominate him. Shadow ignored Lucas and carried on with eating meatballs thrown over the fence. Lucas came over and was pushed out of the way by Shadow and backed off."

Lucas seems to the wolf showing the most signs of aging. His movements are slowing down and his face is fading lighter and lighter as the weeks go on. He still holds his own if his sister's get too obnoxious, but he spends most of his day resting in his den box. With Lakota a bit physically off on Friday, he did take advantage of a Lakota free deer carcass and had his fill for dinner.

Lucas had some deer hair stuck between his teeth and noticed a possible enamel problem on one of Lucas's incisors. He was very willing to allow Jen Westlund to clean his teeth. Lucas appears to be tripping over logs today, his balance seems to be a bit off… Staff should monitor this closely.

Vitamins to all, Mackenzie and Shadow short fence fight during feeding program, Lucas on carcass first, Malik and Shadow approached, Lucas growled with high tail posture. Malik and Shadow submissive. Lucas left carcass, all remained relaxed for rest of feeding.