Nubee joined Grizz and Groan in chasing each other when one had the beaver tail. She also exhibited head-shaking behavior with the beaver tail. Nubee has been initiating dominance interactions with Grizz and Groan. She has been very vocal-growling at them. Stalking and pouncing behaviors were also observed. Nubee was very anxious during program and was whining and climbing on gate to get out of pup pen in auditorium. She was not easily distracted with stimulus items. Took pups out to outdoor pup pen. Nubee ran around and explored the enclosure. She also went into the den and dug some dirt and laid down. Went to fenceline and growled at Shadow & Malik. Malik brought a piece of beaver near fence and put it down.

Today, Nubee is 17 days old. Nubee has been walking around the pen more and often trys to dominate Grizz. She trys to pull on his tail and grab his neck. Nubee has also been trying to engage in play behaviors with both Grizz and Groan. Groan is quickly becoming more defensive. Today, Groan came up to Nubee and bit her and Nubee barked back at her.

Today Nubee met Malik and Shadow for the first time and everything went well. Nubee's activity level continues to increase every day. Today she initiated several play bouts with both Grizz and Groan. Although she is several pounds smaller than her littermates she often holds her own. Her motor skills have also been dramatically improving. She can readily move about the pen without falling. She is also beginning to seek the attention of her handlers. During today's public programs she explored the pen for a few minutes before falling asleep.

Nubee is 19 days old. Nubee met Shadow & Malik again today and wanted to get closer to them. She continues to do well during the public programs. Her activity level is increasing daily and her appetite has increased. She is also gaining weight steadily and appears much more stronger than in previos days. Today she grabbed a stuffed toy and shook it. She has also been trying to dominate Grizz, who has been very gentle with her during most of their interactions. Nubee is also seeking out more contact with her siblings. Her bottom incisiors are starting to develop.