Today Nubee met Malik and Shadow for the first time and everything went well. Nubee's activity level continues to increase every day. Today she initiated several play bouts with both Grizz and Groan. Although she is several pounds smaller than her littermates she often holds her own. Her motor skills have also been dramatically improving. She can readily move about the pen without falling. She is also beginning to seek the attention of her handlers. During today's public programs she explored the pen for a few minutes before falling asleep.

Nubee is 19 days old. Nubee met Shadow & Malik again today and wanted to get closer to them. She continues to do well during the public programs. Her activity level is increasing daily and her appetite has increased. She is also gaining weight steadily and appears much more stronger than in previos days. Today she grabbed a stuffed toy and shook it. She has also been trying to dominate Grizz, who has been very gentle with her during most of their interactions. Nubee is also seeking out more contact with her siblings. Her bottom incisiors are starting to develop.

Today, Nubee is 17 days old. Nubee has been seeking interaction with her littermates more frequently. Although her littermates are readily able to dominate her she remains very fiesty and is often able to withstand their dominant behavior. Her feeding behavior has also began to pick up. Just days ago staff often struggled to feed little Nubee, but now she seems to readily take to the bottle.

Today Nubee is 21 days old. She continues increasing in coordination, mobility, and strength. She is doing well in the public programs and has been sleeping through them. Nubee has a large vocal variety. She frequently growls when she is displeased with staff and littermates. Nubee initiated dominance over Groan – Groan remained on her back – letting Nubee bite her. During feeding times, she does not like to be held for long, and likes to feed from the bottle while lying next to her siblings. Nubee's bottom incisors and canines are continuing to develop and erupt.