Grizzer – Using his DewClaw

Wolves have 4 toes and a front dewclaw which some question as to functionality.  Grizzer is giving a lesson in grooming that involves the use of his dewclaw to comb ice and snow from his hide.  To say that wolf care staff cherish every day we spend with Grizzer is an understatement.   He will be 14 years of age on May 5th and we can’t help to think of those wolves that are “Gone but not Forgotten” who succumb to various issues at this age.  Grizzer is more alert and more active than he has been in years.  Luna may have something to do with this, but we certainly don’t have anything on our radar that makes us think he will decline anytime soon.  His weights on March 2nd were at a solid 115 pounds which is higher than he’s been in the last few spring weights.