It has been a busy time since the COVID 19 pandemic halted operations at the Center’s interpretive facility in Ely, Minnesota.  While the public was no longer on site, the Wolf Care Staff continued their daily duties to ensure that the wolves needs were met.  We accomplished this with a scaled down crew of 4 wolf care from the normal monthly crew of 16 dedicated individuals.  The wolves routines didn’t change and the task of preparing an exhibit for spring was the priority.  All of the winter hay was hauled, the pond and adjoining rocks were scrubbed, filter systems installed and the spring medical exam was conducted.  While we are still awaiting some biopsy reports one of Denali’s abnormal growths and an irritated gumline for Boltz, the pack recovered well and was able to integrate as a social group after the exam.  We plan to have a full medical review at our upcoming June webinar,  Assessing the Pack’s Medical Needs  schedule for June 18th.  For now, the wolves are switching to a summer mode of low activity during the day and active at dawn and dusk.  We have also partnered with and are happy to share their generous donation of two additional webcams.  Check out our website to gain a better view of the upper enclosure as a great resting spot during the day.