Every Wolf That Has Ever Lived Has A Story To Tell

 About the Book…

Most wolf biologists have encountered hundreds of wild wolves in their careers, and in that process, many have become witness to the intimate lives and fates of a select handful of individuals. Over the years, these biologists have occasionally shared stories of their ‘favorite’ wolves with one another, often over drinks at the local pub during wolf conferences. Few outsiders have been privy to these stories—until now!

This is a remarkable collection of tales spanning the globe, from the earliest studies to the present day. Wild Wolves We Have Known tells the stories of individual wolves through the lenses of those who know them best—the biologists who have studied them. Immerse yourself in the fieldwork; observe the challenges facing the species, and bear witness to the extraordinary resilience of these remarkable wolves.

What people are saying about Wild Wolves We Have Known…

“A book such as this one, should be required reading for anyone interested in observing the behavior of and learning about another species.”   Debbie Reynolds— Board Chair of Audubon Minnesota.

“These stories are more than words on a page. They are threads of determination and resilience by author and wolf alike that help us understand the lives of wolves and in turn examine our own commitment to coexist with wildlife.”  —Kim Wheeler, Executive Director, Red Wolf Coalition, Inc.

“These tales provide a glimpse into the amazing lives of individual wolves, revealing their unique personalities, highlighting their struggles and triumphs, and illustrating the unique influence an individual can have on the survival of its pack and the population to which it belongs.”  —Goodreads.com

“I hated to put it down.” — Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio

“If you’ve never encountered a wolf in the wild, read this book. Once you meet these wolves, you will never forget them.  And, perhaps, you’ll come to understand why we must find room for  the wolves to continue their story.” —Don Shelby

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Chapter Contents…

Old Two Toes and the Willow Wolf Pack Richard P. Thiel
The White Wolf of Yellowstone: Bechler 192 Male Dan Stahler
Minnesota Wolf 2407: A Research Pioneer L. David Mech
Sage’s Story Diane Boyd
Blow River Female 3410 Bob Hayes
Wolf 175–The White Female of the Step Mountain Pack John Burch
Challenge on the Tundra H. Dean Cluff and Marco Musiani
Ole Gimpy—Last of the Buffalo Wolves Lu Carbyn
A Tail of a Wolf Maggie Dwire
Whatever Happened to the Durango Pack? Ellen Heilhecker
Wolf 475 of the Dog Killer Pack in Wisconsin Adrian P. Wydeven
Elvis and Chewy Donald Lonsway, Dean Beyer and Brian Roell
The 06 Female Rick McIntyre
Ulrik—a Survivor Among Scandinavian Wolves Håkan Sand, Camilla Wikenros, Per Ahlqvist, Petter Wabakken and Olof Liberg
Connection with a Wolf in Yellowstone’s Most Remote Region Douglas W. Smith
The Vireo Wolf—Life and Death of a Conundrum John B. Theberge and Mary T. Theberge
A Hybrid’s Tale John F. Benson
344F: A Remarkable Wolf Mike Phillips
The Legacy of Big Al, the Little Gal Richard P. Thiel
The Old Gray Guy: Genetics and the Wolves of Isle Royale Rolf Peterson
Ernesto: A Wolf in the Agricultural Steppe of Spain Juan Carlos Blanco and Yolanda Cortés
Brutus L. David Mech
The Story of Timish Christoph Promberger

Edited by Richard P. Thiel, Allison C. Thiel and Marianne Strozewski.


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