Wolves’ precarious future in Iran

From the Tehran Times:

Over the last two weeks, two children from Zanjan Province were attacked by wolves. On 13 May (2017) one of these wolves was shot dead. This is the sad story of wolves in Iran. Wherever wolves come into contact with people, the animals are regarded as dangerous pests who will- given the chance- kill people and livestock. They are poisoned, trapped and shot not only for their conviction, but also for human fear.

The picture depicts how a wolf, named Termeh, is raised in human care. In the picture one can easily spot the wolf’s great passion to its vet. Chief vet of Pardisan Rehabilitation Center Dr. Iman Memarian and his fellow, Alireza Shahrdari raised Termeh when she lost her parent. In general, it is against the law to keep a wolf as a pet. But the story of Termeh is the story of other wolves in Iran. Much of the land where these animals once lived is now being farmed and destroyed by humans. Their present range shows they have been exterminated in most parts of the country, almost all of their territory come into contact with people, and it seems there is absolutely no chance for them to survive.

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