From in the United Arab Emirates:

SHARJAH // As the call to prayer echoes across to their lair, the Arabian wolves howl along. “They do this with every call to prayer,” said Dr Jane Budd, the carnivore specialist at the Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife, in Sharjah. The Arabian wolves, along with other locally endangered wildlife, are housed and protected within open-air enclosures.

On hearing Dr Budd’s voice, Madini, a nine-year-old male, runs towards her across the grass, rocks and wood chips of its enclosure, wagging its tail. With piercing yellow-orange eyes, grey fur with light-brown patches, sharp teeth and great agility, Madini is a typical Arabian wolf. Behind, pushing and shoving, its six pups peek out from behind a gravel brick den before being ushered back in by their mother, Skcos, a four-year-old female.

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