Speakers lining up for 2018 International Wolf Symposium

While the full schedule for the 2018 International Wolf Symposium is still being finalized, we have some amazing highlights to share. Register now to get in on special early-bird pricing!
Here are five of the highlights from what we have planned:
1. A special keynote presentation by Dr. L. David Mech on Sunday, Oct. 14. Dr. Mech has studied wolves for more than 60 years.

Bob Landis prepares to show recent footage while speaking to a group in Gardiner, Montana, earlier this year.

2. A look at 20 years of wolf recovery in Yellowstone through the unique perspectives of Dr. Doug Smith and filmmaker Bob Landis will be the special evening presentation on Friday, Oct. 12.
3. Mike Phillips will present “The Last Great Wolf Restoration – Colorado” at the dinner banquet on Saturday, Oct. 13.
4. A fascinating panel discussion on “Wolves of the World” will be led by Dr. Sabina Nowak, Dr. Yadvendradev Jhala, Dr. Brent Patterson, Dr. Shannon Barber-Meyer and Dean Cluff on Friday, Oct. 12.
5. John Vucetich will be among the featured speakers in a unique panel discussion. He’s one of the the leading scientists studying wolves on Isle Royale.
For more information, or to register, click here: https://wolf.org/programs/symposium-2018/