2016 Who Speaks for Wolf Award Presented to Kirsty Peake

Kirsty and Alan Peake

Kirsty and Alan Peake

The International Wolf Center Board of Directors is honored to present its 2016 Who Speaks for Wolf award to Kirsty Peake. As an international advocate and educator, Kirsty has spent many years sharing her knowledge of wolves and fulfilling her commitment to their long-term survival in the wild. Whether she is giving a formal presentation at a conference or inviting others to look through her spotting scope on a windy hillside in Yellowstone National Park, Kirsty finds joy and personal reward in bringing the world of wolves to people of all ages.

Her professional expertise in the field of animal behavior and her research into the history of dogs sparked her interest in wolves. She has written numerous articles about wolves for popular magazines, and her speaking engagements include a variety of audiences in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. Kirsty serves as a Specialist Advisor for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, and she has contributed two personal encounter articles to International Wolf magazine.

Kirsty and her husband spend six months of each year at home in England and six months living close enough to Yellowstone’s northern range to make the drive into the park each morning at dawn to watch the wolves. Her days are filled with viewing wolves, recording her own field notes, and sharing her homemade lemon drizzle cake. But the best part of the long day is providing the experience of a lifetime for many children and adults who have never seen a wild wolf until Kirsty adjusts the height of her spotting scope and says, “Look there! Just above that tree in the center! Can you see the wolf?”

It is with great pleasure and deep appreciation that the International Wolf Center presents the 2016 Who Speaks for Wolf award to Kirsty Peake. We wish her many more years of wolf watching and helping to teach the world about this fascinating predator.

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