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International Wolf Symposium coming to the Twin Cities Oct. 11-14
Nearly 500 of the world’s leading wolf biologists from 21 countries will be attending

 Wolf experts from across the world will be in the Twin Cities from Oct. 11-14 for the International Wolf Symposium. The event is being organized by the International Wolf Center, a Minnesota-based non-profit.

Almost 500 people have registered to attend the event. Those 500 people are coming from 21 countries across the world to learn at nearly 100 different sessions and presentations that are planned during the symposium.

Among the key topics to be discussed include the reintroduction of wolves on Isle Royale, wolf management, the diminishing population of red wolves in the eastern United States, depredation on livestock, and a special presentation on the 20-year history of wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Presenters include wolf biologists Doug Smith, John Vucetich, and Dr. L. David Mech, the founder of the International Wolf Center. Mech has studied wolves for more than 60 years. Vucetich is one of the leading researchers studying wolves on Isle Royale. Smith is the project leader for the Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone. Additional speakers are from India, Norway, Pakistan, Denmark, Austria, Brazil, England, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Japan, Australia, Estonia, Mongolia, Spain and more.

The International Wolf Center holds a symposium every four to five years. The last one was in Duluth, Minnesota, in 2013.

“This is an important opportunity for leading wolf experts to share the latest research on wolves,” said Rob Schultz, International Wolf Center executive director. “As wolves continue to recover in their historic range in the United States, symposia like this help people to learn how to coexist with wolves and share best-practices for mitigating human wildlife conflict.”

The event is being held at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest in Brooklyn Park.

To view the complete agenda, follow this link.


Press credentials: Media seeking credentials to attend the event should contact Chad Richardson, communications director, International Wolf Center, by email at or 763-560-7374, Ext. 225.